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For a Limited Time - Receive the Free Gift Pack with every tallit purchased from this page.

24x72" Traditional Lightweight Tallit
(A $50 Value)
Available in 10 Colors

The above prayer shawl is free with the purchase of any prayer shawl on this page priced at $60 or more.  Color will be determined by availability at the time of filling your order.  You can pick your first and second choice of color, and we will honor it if we can.  If no choice is indicated, we will select one for you.

Free Prayer Shawl (A $50 Value)
Free Audio Tape (A $7.00 Value)
Free Shipping (A $25.00 Value*)
Value of All FREE GIFTS When You Purchase Select Shofar Man Tallits is $83.00.
*Our major competitors are located in Israel.  This shipping value represents the minimum you would pay to have a tallit shipped from Israel.

44" Grapes and Rimonim Talitisha w/ Bag and Kippah


***SOLD OUT***

Attention Customers
All orders that include the Free Gift Pack must be placed by telephone at 219-762-7589.

This Brand New 44" x 52" Talitisha is made by Motag Judaica.  The Talitisha comes with a matching Talis Bag and Kippah.

The Talitisha is a unique model of Talit, designed so that the traditional Talit cover the shoulders in a comfortable and elegant way.  The name of the model comes from two Hebrew words: Talit and woman (ISHA).  Since it is a Kosher Talit (with 4 corners ZIZIT) it is suitable also for men.

This Talitisha is made of 100% wool with painted silk appliques.

The picture below shows the way the talitisha is to be worn.  This picture is shown only as an example of how to wear the talitisha.  The picture does NOT depict the actual design on #TAL44GR.

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