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Shalom – Welcome to the ShofarMan.com

The Shofar Man has been a Family Owned and Run Business since 1997!

Here at the Shofar Man, we take Great Pride in our
High Percentage of Repeat Customers!

We believe our Customer Loyalty Stems from Treating People with Respect, Honesty, Integrity, as well as, doing Everything with a Spirit of Excellence!

 The Shofar Man Specializes in High Quality Best Sounding Shofars! 

Only 10% of all Shofars made in the World will meet our Customer’s Demands and the Shofars Man’s High Quality Sound Requirements.

That’s right only 1 out of every 10 Shofars made will meet the Sound Quality Requirements to be one of the Shofar Man’s Best Sounding Shofars.

Because we Specialize in Sound Quality we are not the cheapest Shofars on the market, but we are by far the Best!!

If you want a cheap Shofar, there are countless businesses online that Come and Go every day!

We have seen hundreds come and go in our 20 years in this business!

If you want the Best Sound Quality at a Fair Price call me,
Jim, the Shofar Man at 219-762-7589.

I will Personally help You pick out the Shofar that is Right for You!

I will Prayerfully walk You through the process Step by Step!

I will Sound the Shofars for You to choose from, as well as,
Provide Pictures for You to See the Shofars.

If You feel called to Sound the Shofar and Need Help getting Started,  I will send You, Free Electronic Copies of 2 Books I have written on the Shofar, as well as send You the Free links to Watch my 9 DVD video series called “The Ministry of the Shofar”

To Receive the 2 Free Books and 9 Free Video links send an email to jim@step-by-step.org with “Free Books and Video’s” in the subject line, along with your name, address and phone number in the body of the email.

The Shofar Man is more than a Business it is a Calling!

I am here to Serve You with a Spirit of Excellence!

Call Now !  219-762-7589


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