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The Shofar Man's Pick
16 to 17 Inch "Odor Free" Rams Horn Shofars  


These Odorless Rams Horn Shofars have been Meticulously Cleaned and Finished by a Perfectionist,
who happens to be the Owner of a Dental Lab.

A Clear High Gloss Finish has been applied to the Outside of the Ram Horn to give it a Brilliant Shine and to the Inside to Eliminate Odor

Highest Sound Quality - Beautiful High Gloss Finish
Large - Easy to Play Mouth Piece

The Shofar Man takes the best sounding Rams Horn Shofars and selects the best of them to be made into The Shofar Man's Pick!

This is the Shofar Man's Pick, You will definitely want to call and hear this great shofar! 219-762-7589

This package includes a Free velvet carrying case, the Shofar Man's 8 DVD teaching series about the Shofar,
The Shofar and the Voice of God book and The Ministry of the Shofar book.


This Package has been put together to help Mentor those the Father is Calling to Sound the Shofar!

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 will need to phone or email your order to us to obtain a shipping quote. Once we have your order and your approval on the shipping method
and shipping amount we will send you an invoice for payment.
email to: shofarorders@gmail.com  or call  219-762-7589.

16"-17" Odor Free Rams Horn Shofar Manís Pick  $277


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#ODRAM1617D - $277.00


#ODRAM1617E - $277.00



#ODRAM1617F - $277.00


New Shofar Man's Pick Combo Package
45"-46" Odor Free Yemenite Shofar and 20"-21" Odor Free Ram Horn Shofar