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20.5" Big Horn Sheep Shofar

Because these Exotic Shofars are so rare, we do not get them exclusively from Israel.
Shofars under the Exotic section come from all over the world.

All Shofars on this page are given a sterilization bath before manufacture, as they can carry Erisipilus, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, and other diseases.  They are then fashioned and given an in-house permanent bacteriostatic/viralstatic coating inside and out.  They therefore have little, if any, smell.  They are then finished with the desired finish.

All mouthpieces are easy to blow with a specially designed series of mouthpieces which are applied to fit the particular Shofar.  Careful attention is given to the throat to tune the individual Shofar as best as possible.  One can't just bore any old hole and have a clean sound.  We do our best to achieve a clean resonance.

20.5" Big Horn Sheep Shofar (from a 29" horn)
Sealed Inside and Outside with a Poly Blend Finish.
Notes:  A4 433hz -43 cents; F5 730hz -4 cents; G5 772hz -24 cents; G#5 820hz -19 cents

Very Rare Item - Call for availability.  In today's market, this rare collector piece- if we can find one- will be priced at upwards of $5000.00

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